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History of Custom Grafix & RV Camping Tire Covers

Starting in June 1977  returning to Dallas from Kansas. Stephen and Marlene Foster entered the Van Customizing business in their driveway. Needing a tire cover for their first-built custom van found that it was hard to find anything that would match the van they were building. Hello, the light went off, there was a need for someone to make some products for this growing industry so we started making plain tire covers and window curtains. In the eighties, we branched out to new car dealers across Texas. At that point, we also started manufacturing curtains and van seats for the van customizing industry across the south. Around that time we also made drag parachutes for the racing industry. A little while after that we got into making the wing coverings for ultra-light Aircraft, seat Covers, and seat belts. Doing this while still making tire covers grew our company to thirty employees and we bought our first computer. In the nineties, the company moved to Clearwater Florida and now in Pinellas Park concentrated mostly on the tire cover business. Around 1997 we opened our first online sales of tire covers even before shopping carts were invented and Tire-Covers.com was started. In 2005 Custom Grafix was incorporated and changed to Custom Grafix Industries, Inc. We settled in Largo Florida, and now in Pinellas Park set up shop. Our company was the first tire cover company to offer Design your own tire covers and digital printing. In the late 2000’s we expanded to manufacturing for licenses for the National Football League, Major League Baseball, National Hockey League, and 52 colleges. Our goal and our mission are to always be a leader in this endeavor and to supply all in need industries with the best products and services possible.

Stephen C. Foster Sr. C.E.O.

David W. Foster President

Custom Grafix

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