Memorable Roadrunner and Coyote


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Show off with this  roadrunner and coyote acme spare tire cover!

The Roadrunner and Coyote Tire Cover  features a boldly printed logo that will last for years without fading.

Its elastic tie-down provides an easy fit. The heavy gauge vinyl material ensures long-term use, providing the perfect way to show your pride when you’re on the go.


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Roadrunner and Coyote

by CustomGrafixTireCovers®

Roadrunner and Coyote Banner
Roadrunner and Coyote Banner

Custom printed Roadrunner and Coyote Tire Cover with 5-year outdoor ink on heavy-weight vinyl. The sideband is attached to the face with piping.

CustomGrafixTireCovers® Advantages

  • Printed on heavyweight automotive, marine, 32-ounce expandable vinyl.
  • The tire cover is held on by a strong shock cord for mounting.
  • Available on black vinyl only.
  • Two-Year Warranty on Materials and Workmanship.
  • In Stock. Usually ships in two days.
  • Select 26″—37″ Tire Covers
  • Includes Installation and Care Guide
  • FREE Protective Tire Cover Liner for Easy Installation
  • Anti-theft grommets and Security Cable Available.

What did the Road Runner do to the coyote?

Roadrunner foils Coyote. Coyote gets hurt by the very thing he set up. He’s been hit by anvils, blown up by dynamite, dropped from greater heights, squished by rocks, hit by trains, and much more. But in the 1970s, Chuck Jones created new cartoons for the hit kids’ show The Electric Company.
Coyotes, it turns out, are faster than roadrunners. Roadrunners can hit top speeds of just 20 mph, while coyotes can run as fast as 43 mph. Contrary to what I was told most of my childhood, all of which means that in a footrace, the Road Runner would have been dinner for Wile E. Coyote. How far can roadrunners fly? Most of the time, when Roadrunners fly, it’s only for very short distances of around 5 meters. Generally, this is when they are flying between treetops or as a last resort to avoid predation by flying high into a tree or a concealed area by road runner cartoon characters


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    Great Tire Cover for Jeepesters

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